This week we were told to not use any social media or advanced technology for 24 hours. I kind of lucked out on the timing because I also spent Friday night and Saturday morning at Heifer International, where I wouldn’t have been able to use technology in the first place. Like my entire generation I am used to being attached to my phone, but I’m still in the minority that doesn’t like smartphones. It was hard for me to not have it, but It wasn’t unbearable and by the end of the 24 hour period I didn’t miss it. I turned off my phone at noon and loaded into the van at 1 in the afternoon. We got to Heifer and we were separated into 4 different villages. I was lucky enough to be in the most privileged village: Guatamala. In Guatamala we were given eggs, flower, and water rights. We were also the only village with an actual house with actual mattresses. That night we sat in the dark with only a fire and our thoughts. It was really nice. Its weird being a part of our generation because we lose sight of this type of thing. I got to think so much because I had nothing to distract me. Good old honest thinking. I didn’t have a tv show to watch, someone to text, or something to search on the web. I had honest conversations with the people living in my shack and the spicy soup we had created from our ingredients. I love having electricity, but a large part of me wishes it was always like this. People don’t interact anymore and distractions become the main attractions to life. I have started noticing this more and more throughout this school year. I’m not sure if its because I’m maturing and just noticing it or if its just started to happen. but people don’t even really talk to each other anymore. I ride my bike everywhere on campus, every day. Its been that way the last 3 years and I can not even count the number of people I almost hit every day because they are staring down at their phones texting someone rather than a real interaction or enjoying our beautiful campus. Its weird because I feel like I’m in an episode of twilight zone, its like someone came in and replaced everyone with robots. I’m guilty of it too which is kind of disgusting, because I text. Hell I’ve texted while riding my bike but it just kind of makes me sad for our generation. I feel like technology is taking a lot of life away. I would get ride of all social media but its kind of impossible to. If i get rid of facebook I lose contact with a lot of people. I wouldn’t even be able to do my homework without it, especially in this class.

I guess my point is, even though this weekend was really enlightening and refreshing, technology has become necessary. Its not as necessary as we make it out to be, but my generation kind of needs it. and thats incredibly depressing but true.

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