San Francisco

Our last stop was San Francisco. We got there at about 5 pm, got a motel, went to the beach, than headed for downtown. We had quite a wild night. We ate at a terrible Chinese restaurant where I sent back some brownies the man said was duck. After that they acted very shady towards us and Shaffer would get food poisoning that night. Went to our first gentleman’s club. Which was something every young man needs to do but no you man should do because it was awkward and we left very quickly. Thomas got yelled at by a cop for running a red light we didn’t even know exisited, but was left off the hook when they discovered we were from Arkansas. Than we went to bed. It was a strange night and I’m still not sure what opinion I made of San Francisco, but it was nice seeing the golden gate bridge and the crazy roads.

I found a crab!


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