The Last Day In London

The last day in London was pretty great but rushed. We checked out of our hotel, had breakfast at this small bakery (which turned out to be the best meal we had in 3 days) and went about our way walking around London. We saw one of the last castles in London but didn’t go in because it was 30 euros and we thought that was way too much. We did some light shopping than started walking to the train station for the train we booked. We were flying out of a different airport but it was still only two miles and we had 3 hours before we had to get on the train so we ate at this really fancy french place for lunch. I had a seafood pasta that was really good. It was a good last impression of London and besides the breakfast I had earlier the only good meal I had in London. We ended up jumping on the train than getting to the airport which only had two terminals. We ended up back in Belfast by 10 pm. We had 3 days left on our trip and we would mostly have a relaxed time from there.


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