London in hindsight

We visited plenty of other cool places in london. but in hindsight it was my least favorite part of the trip. THe city of London is HUGE, too huge. the food is bad, the people are mostly rude, and the weather is wet. I don’t regret this part of my trip and I am more than glad that I have gone, but I would only go back if I had a wife who was dying to go to London. and even than, I would still probably be pretty hesitant. If I ever go back to that part of the U.K. I will catch a bus to Scotland, an area that sounds much more appealing to me. Again, I don’t regret it, it was an awesome 3 days, I’m just not a big city place. Here are a few pictures of things I missed.

This badass park we found:

World War 2 monument:


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