Walking into London, the hotel

We had booked this hotel right in the middle of the business district. We get off the train and I swear it was like walking into a movie. We’re in the rain, its cold as hell, and the first thing any local says to me is a guy offering me a balloon (which is full of drugs) Its London! and although its not my favorite place in the world it was definitely an experience. Our hotel is right by this giant cathedral with a giant bell in it. So after a while of wandering (about an hour and a half) we just follow the sounds of the bell! We get into our room and this is a one bedroom for four people. In america this is typically two queen size beds maybe a small couch and a bathroom and a giant closet. Tons of extra blankets and pillows. In London its one queen size bed, a small tv, a small little hallway area, and a bathroom. There are two pillows and one blanket. We end up having to trick a bellboy into bringing us more pillows and blankets (because we are broke at this point) Stephen and I sleep on the floor on the first night, Garrett and Jaime the second.


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