Flight to London

We wake up at 4 am, normally this isn’t so bad. but my drunkass brother spent all night talking to an irishmen about democracy and kept me awake. So Jaime, Garrett, and I are all tired as hell. Stephen is tired as hell and we have a 30 minute drive to the airport. We get to the terminal and I’m obsessed that we are going to miss the flight and we sit down. and Its cold and for some reason we have to wait in the cold. Its super cold at night in Ireland by the way. We eventually jump on the plane and fly to london. Am I excited? yes and no, I’m going to a new country but I am also nearly broke! tired! and kind of hungover. We get two England, jump on a train and the 2nd half of our adventure begins.

My sweet brother taking a picture with me at the terminal.


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