Ireland: The Guinness Factory

Have you ever drank a Guinness? Before I went to Ireland I had only ever drank one. Its rich and thick and creamy. Its definitely a required taste, and although I’m not too fond of it I was super pumped to go to the factory In Dublin. Its like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. There aren’t Oompa Lumpas walking around, but their might as well be. There are 6 floors of the museum. these floors are made up of giant videos showing you the process of making Guinness to displays of Guinness throughout history. There is even a part where you can see Guinness being made. On the top floor you are rewarded with a Pint and a view. Jaime, Stephen, and I wanted to rush to that pint, however our pace was dulled by Garrett. Garrett is a genius and absorbs information so he wanted to read everything. So after 2 hours of dehydration we made it to the top.

Don’t worry Mr. Reeder, I’m 21.


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