Ireland: Jonesborough

Jonesborough is a little town of the border of northern and southern island. It was cool hearing about the history of the little town from Stephens parents. Apparently they were raised near there and Jonesborough was in the middle of the conflict between the IRA and the British. It wasn’t uncommon for your family to be abducted by either group. Stephens father himself was abducted the by the british because they thought he was an IRA member who killed a man at the hotel Mr. Doharty (stephens father) worked at. He was returned 3 days later. It was really interesting to hear about the IRA and the history of Jonesborough. Stephen would point at sheds that were once rumored to be used to construct car bombs. He could point out previous members of the IRA in any bar we walked in. They had a lot of insight to it and it was cool seeing it from the perspective of a family who were observers during it all. Other then that the town was a peaceful quaint little town that was beautiful.


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