Ireland: Reaching Homebase

We got to dublin and all three of us suffered from terrible jetlag, we got our bags and went to the main lobby of the airport. One problem. Stephen wasn’t there. I had his phone number but my phone didn’t work out of America and I couldn’t figure out how to use the payphones for the life of me, eventually we found a computer and messaged stephen on facebook. turns out he got the times wrong and we were too stupid to give him the terminal number. One hour later, Stephen show up and gave me a giant irish welcome. We walked outside in the pouring rain. I was surprised when I walked to the the right side of his car to ride shotgun and I realized I was looking at the drivers side. This would not be my last surprise. My second surprise came when we drove off and me and my brothers all screamed in terror until we realized stephen was driving on the what ireland considers the right side of the road. We got in the car and headed to his home in jonesborough. We had one more hour before we could rest.

Stephens house.


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