IRELAND: the plane

We decided to leave the day after Christmas early on because our mom’s birthday is Christmas day, and we couldn’t not be there for her birthday. we left for little rock that morning at 7 am. our plane was at 3:15, but it would take 4 and a half hours to get to little rock from gamaliel and another hour or two for customs. we ended up getting through customs fast enough to get some drinks at the bar and talk about what we hoped we’d get out of our adventure. Jaime and I were mostly excited, Garrett my oldest brother was too busy complaining that we got up so early. Eventually we got on the first plane to Atlanta. We got to Atlanta at about 4 pm, we waited around for four more hours than we got on our next plane. The thing about trying to travel as cheap as possible is you have horrible layovers and your destinations don’t really make sense. we would take our 9 hour flight to france, which is pretty funny because we flew right past Ireland. we’d spend 4 more hours in france, by the time we flew out of france it was about 5 pm the next day. this is a picture of the two girls who call themselves my brothers, they both fell asleep leaving me the youngest to make sure we didn’t miss our flight.
At about 6:40 pm, 3 flights and over 20 hours later we made it to Dublin.
We used delta airlines×1168&s_kwcid=TC|8485|delta%20airlines|{placement}|{ifcontent:C}{ifsearch:S}|e|{creative}


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