Ireland: the idea

The idea of taking a trip to Ireland happened at camp where I met this bastard:

His name is Stephen doharty, hes the man on the right.

he became one of my best friends at camp, and he gave me an open invitation to come to Ireland. I thought great! but this is not a journey I’d want to take alone, so I asked him if my brothers could come. He said “Of course, theres more of you?!” so after a lot of convincing. My brothers Jaime and Garrett, and myself each dished out 900 dollars and bought tickets for the day after Christmas until the 6th of January to go to Ireland. It would become the trip of a lifetime. But it took a lot of planning. I was in charge of the whole trip, being the youngest of three, this was new to me. It took me weeks to track down tickets that cheap, and extra time to get my brothers to put the money in my account. All in all it was totally worth it. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to go back. for the next couple of weeks I’ll be talking about my trip and international travel in general.
the site I found our tickets on
I know who knew it was an island?!


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