Leaving Camp Weequahic

I was there for two months. Near the end we had a giant competition where the camp was split up into two teams, the Army and The Navy. We had a week long competition, and eventually the Army (I was on the navy) came on top. I’m not gunna talk about that because thats not what I miss most about camp, I miss the people. I now have friends from all over the world, and I miss them to this day constantly. These people are all you have for 2 months and then you just go back to your regular lifes and you never see any of them again! I spent 23 hours driving home and I was excited to leave up until 5 minutes after I got in my car. I miss these people terribly, the kids, the friends I made, Leena, everyone. Since then I’ve seen my australian friend Kyla once, and I am going to Ireland in 20 days to see My friend Stephen. Camp Weequahic basically helped me decide I want to travel for a living, because its pretty cool that I can drive across the U.S. and have somewhere to stay no matter where I go. I love these people and I love travel, and I love camp.

Last night at camp



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