Camp Weequahic: Typical day part 2

After rest hour we’d be sent back down for our next three blocks. Kids would have block scheduling as in there activities would rotate every two days so you never saw the same kids twice. Again I’d do the Adventure trails (called camper vs wild) and zip-lining mostly. After this we’d go back to the cabin where we’d have about 1 hour for the kids to get showered up and to cool down. After this we had dinner. Our meals were cafeteria food, but they were typically really good. After dinner we’d go to free time. Free time was my favorite, we’d all stand around the main campus and kids could do whatever they wanted as long as they were visible. This was the best time to hangout with other counselors and play with kids. After this we’d have our evening activity. This could be anything it could be a movie in the gym, kickball, laketime, weequahics got talent, whatever! once I even had to compete in the Weequahic beauty show, I got Miss Congeniality. Be impressed. After this we’d get back to the bunk at about 9. we’d have half an hour to get the kids ready for bed. At this time you’d either have the night off from 9:30 until midnight, or you’d keep an eye on the kids for the night. Neither were that bad, you’d either hangout with other counselors and unwind, or give the kids reading time. I read all 5 game of thrones books in my reading time this summer.


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