Camp Weequahic: Typical Day part 1

I’m going to go over what a typical day was at camp weequahic.We’d wake up at 7:30 am. By 7:30 I mean 6, because the children would always wake up early. Then we’d get ready and be at breakfast by 8 am. Breakfast would be fruit, coffee,  and some random breakfast food. During Meals there would be a lot of screaming and dancing to music. We would then have morning announcements Followed by the alma mater by the flagpole. Then we would begin our day. We’d have three blocks before lunch. These blocks were each an hour long. I could be do anything during these blocks such as adventure trails, mountain biking, rock wall, ziplining, campfire stuff, or archery. I almost always led the trails or set up the ziplining. After these three blocks we’d have lunch followed by an hour long rest period. This rest period was more for the counselors then anyone else.



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