Camp Weequahic: Days off Part 2

Now the days I had off with a few people were a bit more relaxed but still awesome. I spent these days with a group of people but the only consistent person was my friend Jen, who is from france. We usually had relaxed days watching movies in the staff room. But one day we went to honesdale and ate and walked around, and even saw a couple movies. It was nice! The best day off I had with a small group of people included me, jen, terry, sydney, brock, and the security guard Ofir. I was only really close with Jen and Terry, but I’d grow close with Ofir. The next day we found this awesome water hole in scranton. This thing was epic! it had two cliffs on either side and a waterfall. It was epic! the water was 30 feet deep, so you could make the 60 foot jump into the water! everyone else was too afraid to jumpt the big one, but I did it! its to this day one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.


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