Camp Weequahic: Days Off part 1

Days off at Weequahic were special because we only had 6 of them. People would do very many different things. Some would go to the movie theater and watch 3 movies then come back. Some would go visit family. Some would go to a hotel. Some would go get a cabin. Some would party hard. It would all be different based on what kind of day you wanted! I had my share of the above. I typically spent my days off with large groups of people having a blast or small groups of people! Both were great when needed! I’m going to talk about both of these one at a time!
Large groups of people having a blast:
These were the more fun days. The first night we had off, literally all 90 counselors went to a hotel in Scranton together. It was an awesome night, we had almost an entire floor to ourselfs. I had 9 people sleeping in my room and it was a really awesome way to interact with counselors I had never talked to before, we got a lot of noise complaints and I ended up sleeping in a bed with 4 other people. but it was totally worth it. The next day we went to the Delaware river. We layed on rocks and played in the water, it was ze best! The next big day I had we stayed in a cabin. There were about 20 of us in a two bed room cabin, but it was also a blast! I snuck into the pool in the middle of the night! It was the best.



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