Camp Weequahic: Children Arrive!

The day finally arrived, Nathan and I were assigned to bunk 15. We had kids: Sam, Henry, Jax, Thomas, Antonio, Alden, and Matt. These kids would be the bane of our summer, but in a good way. We made posters and we greeted them on the morning. The first couple nights were different. We had to deal with a lot of obstacles, Henry was sensitive, Sam slept-walked, Matt was bossy, but they were all awesome. We realized what it was to be around children 24/7. We’d only have six days off the entire summer. I really liked the kids. I’d see my kids every day, then new kids in each of the 2, 6 block days that we rotated through. In the  blocks I would see and interact with children ages 8-17. I met a lot of awesome kids this summer. 
The Summer Staff posing after a game for kids


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