Camp Weequahic: Camper vs. Wild

Camper vs. Wild was what the adventure trails were called at Weequahic. Leena taught me all sorts of stuff so I’d become awesome at Camper vs. Wild. The beginning of the summer, we typically had 4 kids each block, by the end of the summer I was leading 12-15 kids each block. They loved it! and they loved me! I would show them things they could eat in the wild, and I’d actually eat the grosser things, including live crawfish. I’d eat all sorts of bugs for those children. I had three main trails I took them  on. The salamander trail, where we’d search for bright orange salamanders. On a good day we could catch 100 of these things. The crawfish trail, which was basically just a creek, but the kids loved it. The tree fort trail, there was a hunters stand the kids thought was badass that I’d bring them to. And last but not least, my trail. You see, when you spend the whole summer on 3 trails, you start looking for your own trails, and I mdae one on accident. I got 15 kids, and logan lost with me in the woods for an hour and a half. but hey! we found the most epic thing ever, we found about 200 yards of blueberry and raspberry bushes. It was amazing!! the only catch is I had to take campers there in secret because we didn’t have the camp directors permission to go out there. it was awesome though, and I loved camper vs wild. I ate chipmunk, snapping turtle, rabbit, crawfish, and a large number of bugs because of what leena taught me. It was awesome!

I couldn’t take pictures with the kids so heres me and some counselors:



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