Camp Weequahic: Training

At the end of the first week I had already made a lot of friends, but training had really just begun. On day 6 more counselors started to flood in. These would be more friends, and I loved these people. I made friends from all over the U.S., Ireland, England, France, and Australia. They are the best co-workers I’ve ever had.

New people would arrive every night at around midnight. It was cool because almost anyone who works at a camp is super friendly. The training we went through was mostly fun stuff, we’d learn what a regular day was like at camp. We’d build things for when the kids got there. And we’d learn how to deal with kids, which is easy as hell. As a ropes guy I did mostly physical stuff, which was kind of tough because it was pouring rain for the first three days of this week. We set up the wall in this. The rest of the week was awesome though, we got to test all the equipment including the zipline and the totem pole. The totem pole is a giant pole you climb up and then jump off of. Our day was awesome, although one day Leena made us look for dandylions in the pouring rain so we could make tea. It took us 3 hours. We also had a lot of social gatherings and team building exercises which was a great way to meet everyone. We were eventually separated into four groups. This was based on our personalities and skill with children. They were different age groups: Juniors which were the youngest, Jinters which were 10-11, Inters which were 12-14 and seniors which were 15-17. I was put into the Jinters group, and I was placed with my Co-counselor, a guy named nathan. Nathan and I would become good friends, and we would learn we work very well together. We finished training and got ready for the kids to come.
The Jinters together!


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