Camp Weequahic: Ropes Training

Ropes training, was pretty delightful. there were _ of us: Myself, Stephen, Stuart, Karl, Tom, Hall, Kameryn, Terry, Marina, AJ, Logan, Danni, Luke, George, our fearless leader Leena, and her 2nd in command Jake. The first couple days of training consisted of a mix of learning the ropes or ropes(pun intended), learning the trails, and building boat docks with the lifeguards. I would become closest with Stephen, Stuart, Karl, Logan, and Tom and our boss Leena. The first day of training we got down there and everyone was very quiet. We had a man named Bryan who built the Walls to teach us about them. I took it upon myself to talk a lot because I can’t stand awkward silences this led to two things.
1. My staff loved me! I kept things fresh and funny
2. Leena and Bryan though I was sarcastic and incompetent
number 2 would get me in trouble, if I didn’t rely so much on number 1. I would discover a week after training that Leena was the only thing that kept me from getting fired because the directors of camp did not like me whatsoever. 
Regardless training was awesome. The first week of training was the best week of camp. I became super close with my staff and we formed a bond that goes beyond coworkers.They would become close friends who I would truly miss after camp was over. When I got to camp I had no one there, when I left I had all these people that I loved. We became the group at camp who everyone lovingly hated because we were too damn close, we had #ropes which is something we would shout obnoxiously too often.

During training I learned a lot of things, I learned how to properly tie rope, how to survive in the wild, and 3 new ways to make fire! My boss learned to love me because she learned I was funny, was the best at the trails! would eat anything, and I mean anything! and was one of the few who would man the zipline!

I would end up helping Leena with all her traps, and we caught a lot delicious animals throughout the summer, but I’ll talk about that later!
Here is some of the ropes crew:

none of the girls are in this picture besides Leena. Stuart, George, and Luke are missing too.


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