Summer 2013: Street Luging in New Hampshire

I was in New Hampshire for 2 nights because I had to get an oil change. The first night was the night I drove there, however the 2nd day wasn’t too exciting because salem is not a very exciting town. After spending 3 hours in a library reading (I know I’m super exciting) I decided to break out my street luge!

The thing about street luging is its only safe if you know the roads well and you need to have someone with you so they can come pick you up once you’re done with your run. Neither of these applied here. I stopped at a park and walked around a giant neighborhood looking for places to luge. eventually I found a giant hill, I jumped on my board and went! it was scary but amazing! a mile and a half later I was down it, and I decided to loop around and go from the opposite direction. I did not regret my dangerous decision in the slightest.

Me and my Luge


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