Summer 2013: Salem Witch Museum

After my oil change I headed straight to Salem Massachusetts for the witch museum! Exciting right?! not really at all. I have never been more disappointed by a museum in my entire life. I love museums and this place was terrible! I walked in and paid 10 dollars for a tour. The tour consisted of a automatoronic reenactment of the Salem witch trials, which although kind of cool was mostly creepy. This took 20 minutes and I was like “Hey! I can’t wait to see the rest of the museum!” the rest of the museum was one 30 foot hallway. I left sad and was like hey! more museums! the only cool exhibits had a bunch of ships in them but I couldn’t take pictures. I want this post to be as lackluster as my experience in Salem Mass. so heres a picture of me in a cowboy hat, because I don’t own a witch hat… I hope you understand how disappointed I was now.


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