Summer 2013: Rhode Island

I left Massachusetts and headed to providence. I had two days left in my trip and I’d spend them at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. My friend Hunter Rogers had an internship there and I would be staying with him. Brown has a beautfiul campus and I really enjoyed my time there. I hung out with Hunter and got to meet his co-workers who were really cool. I got Authentic providence Clam Chowder which is something I’ve always wanted to try. Rhode Island was one of my favorite parts of my entire trip, I’d really like to go back there someday.
Another great thing about staying here was I got to shower and sleep on a real bed. This was a nice change from my 8 days of sleeping in the back of my car. The morning of the 8th I woke up, said goodbbye to Hunter and jumped in my car. In four hours I’d be at my main destination, Camp Weequahic.

Me and the Brown Bear


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