Taking a break from 2013: Street Luging

In order for the next post about New Hampshire to make sense a little bit of backstory is required. When the year 2013 started I decided to do 13 new things in 2013. These things would be completely new to me, the second of these is street luging. Street Luging is a gravity induced sport where you essentially lay on a giant skate board and roll down a hill. I had the idea 3 days before Christmas 2012, and I told my friend Thomas. After a lot of convincing we each built one. We didn’t get to actually finish and ride them until mid January but it was awesome. My first board was called the Slave 1, it was bright pink and it had some design flaws. The wood was warped and the front bumper was pretty crooked. Despite these design flaws Thomas and I rode the shit out of our luges. Mine would start to wobble very badly around 40 MPR and i never got past 50 MPR. Thomas went on a hiatus when he crashed into a tree… he was ok, but it was terrifying. I thought he was dead for a good 2 minutes. By the time the summer rolled around my bumper had broken off and my board had gone through regular wear and tear. I decided I needed a new one for my trip. I dished out 200 bucks and built the slave 2, a teal board decorated with unicorns. This would be the board I’d bring on my summer adventure and mostly use in New Hampshire.

Me and Emma on the slave 1


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