Summer 2013: The Journey to Salem, twice


I left the terrible state of New Jersey and entered the heart of New England. Its a lot different driving through this part of the united states, you drive for 2 hours and you’re in a different state. I completely skipped the trap that is NYC and I didn’t really pay much attention to Connecticut but it was a smooth drive with very pretty scenery. My goal was Salem Massachusetts, I wanted to see the witch museum! unfortunately this is where I also stopped taking pictures. I made it to Salem at around 1 am. By the time I got to my walmart and parked, I was exhausted. I looked up as I parked and saw a sign. The sign said cars that stayed overnight would be towed. I doubted this but I also didn’t want to be towed. I checked my gps, the nearest town was in Salem, but it was 30 minutes away. I figured it was a glitch in my GPS and it would be a shorter distance. I was so wrong. The walmart I went to was in Salem, New Hampshire. Which would be where I’d spend my next 2 nights because of an oil change. But It was nice!


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