Summer 2013: New Jersey

Now the next stop on my journey was a little place called New Jersey. If you’ve never been I’d suggest never stepping foot in the place. This is the only state that is somehow worse than Missouri which previously held “Forrest Ott’s worst state award”. Now when you think of New Jersey you think of the Jersey Shore (both the show and the actual coast), the state right by new york, and any Kevin Smith Film. The only reason I had for going to New Jersey was Kevin Smith’s films. I entered at the south of the state and on my trip I went from the bottom to the top only stopping for Lucy the Elephant and Kevin Smith’s store “Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash”. Both of which were awesome, but awesome things in a crappy state to not make up for the state’s lackluster attributes.

Now I drove through the entire state, and so I pretty much saw as much as I needed to see. Its basically a giant highway with trash on the sides of the roads. Thats how I’d describe New Jersey and the whole place smells like dead crabs. The Jersey Shore is covered in glass and needles. The entire place is polluted and did I mentioned Jersey Shore is a show? because it is. New Jersey is a terrible place. Never Go. Ever


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