Summer 2013: Comic Con, Part 2

Ok! so I spent 3 nights in the philadelphia area. When I wasn’t sleeping in walmart parking lots, I was cooking beans in parks. My second and third days at comic con were pretty kickass. I saw tons of cosplay, bought a couple of graphic novels I have never seen before and even got to see Stan Lee. However you don’t just go to Comic Con to buy shit and see hot girls in Cosplay. I was mostly there for the panels! during my time there I saw three panels, which were all pretty kickass. The first panel I saw was Michael Rooker from the Walking Dead. That was the second day. I was super satisfied and excited to see him again day three. The next panel on day three was Michael Rooker, Jon Berthral, and Norman Reedus together. They were really cool to see together, and it was awesome seeing them talk about there time on the show. Walking Dead is one of my favoirte comics so it was cool to see actors from the show. The third Panel I saw was 4 members of the cast of Firefly, my favorite character was there so I was super satisfied! I walked around comic con one last time, hopped in my car and headed to the shithole that is new jersey (I don’t like New Jersey)

Walking Dead Issue 1 for 1500 dollars.


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