Summer 2013: Philadelphia

Day 3, I drove straight to Philadelphia. and it was Awesome! I would be there for a couple of days because of comic-con but I had a very busy agenda my first day. I have been to a lot of big cities, but Philadelphia quickly became one of my favorites.

I parked my car in chinatown which is in the center of philly, and parking cost 20 bucks which I won’t lie, it hurt. a lot. but it was totally worth it. I walked through the city and visited some of the historic buildings. I went shopping, bought this kickass survival bag which I used all summer. and found this marketplace. Which was essentially a food court made by the gods. It was all local food, and it all tasted delicious. I ate there every day. My first day I had a hot ham and cheese biscuit from this danish place. It was huge and delicious. It was cool seeing people everywhere but really sad seeing homeless people, but thats just something that comes with cities. at 5 pm I headed to comic con in the convention center.


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