Summer 2013: Early Screening of The Way Way Back

I left comic con early because I got early tickets to a movie through this website:

The movie I was going to see didn’t come to theaters for 3 months, it was called the way way back. It was an awesome movie but thats not the point. We live in Arkansas, seeing an early screening of a movie here never happens, but if you ever know you’re going on the road and you’ll pass through some major cities, look up early screenings online! you’ll find a lot of them. These screenings are awesome because:
1. they are free
2. you see the movie before anyone
3. you usually get free things, I got a free T-shirt and a free pair of sunglasses

These movies are hidden gems, I got there 30 minutes early expecting the place to be packed and I was the first one in the theater. Only about 20 people ended up even coming to the thing. I plan on doing this for every big trip I ever take.

here is another site on how to find these websites:
sidenote: the movie was really good, you should totally watch it.
way way back


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