Summer 2013: Comic Con part 1

My entire childhood led up to one moment, that moment was Comic Con. It didn’t go exactly how I imagined it. I expected to be with my friends, and to be wearing cosplay. but thats ok, dreams are meant to be altered. I walked in and it was pretty much everything I’ve ever imagined and more. I saw the 501st legion, hundreds of people dressed as superheroes, and multiple washed up actors. There were stands everywhere selling goods, Shirts, memorabilia, posters, action figures, etc. The 10 year old in me didn’t no where to start, and the 20 year old in me wanted to punch the 10 year old in me in the face and do everything at once. I bought an Avatar: the last airbender and Firefly shirt. And the first celebrity I saw was Lou Ferrigno, freaking Lou Ferrigno, He was the Incredible Hulk.

I only could stay for an hour the first day because I had somewhere to go! which I’ll discuss in the next post, I’ll talk about the other two days I was there in Comic Con part 2

a girl’s cosplay of Korra who I instantly fell in love with.


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