Summer 2013: CONTINUES! Washington D.C.

I was able to download a couple of pictures off of my broken phone, enough at least to make this work! thank you for bearing with me! the sad part is for some reason my phone won’t let me have any of my D.C. pictures, so heres me with another velociraptor

Ok! Washington D.C., Forrest Ott style. The town itself is pretty awesome, its a total clusterf@#k but so are a lot of big cities. This is the first Huge city I have ever truly been alone in, and it was pretty damn intimidating. I got there right before it started to get dark so I had a lot of ground to cover. Luckily all the kickass monuments are super close to each other. I wandered around saw the washington monument, the white house, the outside of the Smithsonian (not going inside is my only regret), the only one I really spent a lot of time at was the Lincoln Memorial. I don’t know what it is about old Abe, but hes a total badass. I wish I had more than one night there. I had a deadline to get to comic-con the next day so I couldn’t stick around too long. My mom made me promise her I wouldn’t be in D.C. at dark because apparently its super dangerous. I ended up leaving at 11 pm after eating at this really good diner, did I mention that this was the trip of the diner? I love diners! and Its like all I ate on my way there and back. Also this was the day I started wanting a shower, it was only day 2 and it would only get worse.


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