Taking a break from Summer 2013: The Tandem Part 2

Before I begin talking let me tell you, I understand these titles are getting excessively long!

After months of owning the Tandem, I saw a flyer for the “Tour De Pumpkin” a 17 mile bike race/costume contest. my first thought was “YES!” I just needed a partner. I asked my friend Zach Schwartz. and he was down. we put down a 30 dollar entry fee and started thinking up costume Ideas. Now when I post this picture I want you to know three things: 
1. Zach refused to take a picture in our costumes
2. This picture was with one of my residents I bumped into there
3. We totally won the costume class

My bike has 3 breaking systems, the back petal, the front petal, and a handbreak. The day after I signed us up for the race my front petal break broke. The day after that the back petal break broke. We were worried. The race took us an hour and a half. It was exhausting but awesome. despite the fact that we were wearing this I felt extremely manly winning this race.



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