Taking a break from Summer 2013: The Tandem part 1

Everyone always asks me about this because I am typically riding alone (like my picture, ironically enough) I consider it an adventure because it started on an adventure. It goes back to the trip Thomas and I took to California. We saw a shit ton of people on tandem bikes in California so I was like “I must have one” 

One full year went by.

I was thrifting with my friend Emily Welden and we saw it at a thrift store, I immediately went to the ATM and pulled out the 250 dollars that would become my Tandem. After replacing the seats it was good to go. People always ask why I ride it alone? why the hell do you think!? because I can pick up anyone at any time, I never have to walk anywhere anymore because I’m not slowed down by other people. Its the best. That bike is awesome, and it will be a part of the next adventure I talk about.




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