Taking a break from summer 2013: D-Rock

I hate to break right in the middle of my main stream of posts, but my phone with every picture of my summer has unfortunately broke. until I can get these photos taken off the phone, I will be talking about other fun adventures

D-Rock, if you are any respectable Russellvillian and you have not been to D-Rock your life is about to change. Now their are two D-Rocks. One that is a giant ass cliff that you can climb (which is super fun) and One that is a giant ass rock on a beach in Dardanelle. The Latter of which will be the one I will discuss. D-Rock has been a part of my Tech experience ever since I arrived here 2 and a half years ago. It sounds stupid, but its not. Every year I go there with at least 5-10 other people and have bonfires. Its awesome, and fun and some of my best memories are from D-Rock. I would encourage all of you to go find it. However, do not swim in lake dardanelle. I have and its gross. It was a mistake. 

How to get there:

For info on the real D-Rock


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