Summer 2013: traffic

I don’t know if you’ve ever driven into a large city, but driving into Washington D.C. at around 4 pm was hell.  I was driving a six speed at it literally took me about 3 hours to get into town. Being from AR I have never experienced traffic so bad. I know it sounds stupid that this is deserving of a post but let me assure you, if you’re ever travel to a big city alone, bring mad libs, or a recorded book, or something to entertain yourself because it was easily the worst 3 hours of my summer. You just sit there and hate your life because everyone around you makes you want to go ballistic. It was a 4 lane highway and it was still like this which is just plain ridiculous.
how to cope:

I understand this isn’t a picture of me being stuck in traffic but I didn’t want to capture that terrible moment in a picture. here is a picture of me with a velociraptor its approximately an hour before I got stuck in traffic.


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