Summer 2013: Safari

I woke up early the next morning in Tennesee, drove about 20 minutes and was in Virginia. I like Virginia its a very pretty state to drive through. My goal was to make it to Washingon D.C. that night, and I was making great time. I woke up at 8 am, and drove about 6 hours. I was kind of wanting to stop and I kept noticing giant signs that said “Safari, 50 miles on left” and “Virginia’s only wildlife Safari” I am a very spontaneous person, and its a road trip, so I figured what the hell. I stopped. For 15 bucks I drove through “Virginia’s Only Wildlife Safari” I saw camel’s, giraffes, zebras, alpaca, pigs, goats, deer, elk, moose, and pretty much every non dangerous animal you can think of. It was kind of childish and silly, but than again so is life. So I really enjoyed it. A Zebra stuck its head in my window so thats where this picture comes from: Image

I was happy I stopped. Life needs to be like that! you should be able to just stop at any moment even if its not the particular place you were headed.


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