Summer 2013: First Night on the Road

Map for blog
This is my first day of travel, the star being my final destination. I won’t lie, I was very eager to start my voyage. It was so strange driving by myself, but the fact that I was alone almost gave me an adrenaline rush. I checked the GPS my mom gave me and typed in national parks. One came up, I can’t even remember what it was called but it was on the border of Virginia and Tennessee. I had never been to Virginia so I made it my goal to get there. The drive kicked my ass, it was only like 10 hours but it hurt pretty bad. It was around 2 am I got to the national park and it was pretty clear I couldn’t sneak in and stay there. It was really misty and cold outside and I was extremely tired. I was kind of afraid too, because I was truly by myself for the first time ever. I ended up backtracking about 20 minutes to a walmart right on the border of tennesee. I walked into the walmart, brushed my teeth in the bathroom and bought a water and a baseball bat.I walked to my car, layed down and as I started to doze off I felt like I was truly and 100% independent for the first time in my life. I slept in my first walmart parking lot that night and It was awesome.


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