Summer 2013: Introduction

So this last summer started kind of as a dream but then it became a reality and it was easily the best summer of my life. I got the opportunity to work at a summer camp in Pennsylvania for 8 weeks. I left 10 days early and took a road trip by myself and it was, amazing. It got boring at times but overall the road trip its self was unreal. I met more great lifelong friends at camp then I had my first two years of college. Its opened up doors to potential future jobs and future trips. One of my best friends there (Stephen) is from Ireland, and I am fortunate enough to be able to visit him this winter. This is just the introduction though! so I should be talking about this for the next 10-15 posts, which I know sounds like a lot but its easily the best adventure I’ve ever taken. Go Camp Weequahic!

Karl, Stephen, and Me

roadtripping by yourself:


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