Sigh… Branson

Before I post this, just know that I am only posting this because I wanted to wait a while before I talk about one of my other big trips. Its kind of a break for me. I also need you to realize something. I hate hate hate, hate hate hate, hate hate hate Branson. I can not describe how much I hate it. But this was like a month ago so its still really fresh in my memory. 

Pretty much My boss messages us and tell us we’re going to branson the weekend after school starts. There are 9 of us, 7 of us are students so it should be alright? wrong. We get there and it RAINS the entire time. We go to Silver Dollar City and half the rides are shut down for like 4 hours. It wasn’t completely terrible and it was fun to bond with my new SAB staff. But I am pretty sure I haven’t been to branson once in the last 6-7 years without it raining. The new Roller coaster was admittedly awesome. Even though it shutdown two times before we got on. the silver lining was Wildfire had virtually no line, so we rode that like 10 times. Despite some drama and the SAB retreat being to Branson, we still had a good time.

Silver Dollar City:


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