Canoing at Longpool!

This isn’t a so much a super crazy trip as much a fun relaxed trip that turned dangerous! This occured in llate April of 2013! My friend Becca heard about a canoing trip that the Emergency Management department was having. Neither of us are Emergency Management Majors but were like “YEAH, LETS DO IT” So we contact one of my brother’s friends, who is an Emergency Management Major and we’re good to go! The plan is it will be Ruben (my brother’s Friend) his wife and 20-30 people from Emergency Management. Becca and I don’t really know anyone but Ruben, but who cares it will be fun!

We wake up that morning and for some reason its 50 degrees and its raining. Ruben calls us and apparently every single other person canceled on him, but he still wants to go. So we decide we’re in. Its Ruben, his wife, Becca, and I. Oh and Becca’s great dane Emma. We get there and apparently no one is on the water because the rain. We are warned by the local Canoe rental place to not go on the river, but for some reason we do it anyways. We all have jackets, life jackets, and  multiple layers on. I have gone Canoing a lot in my life, but never with a great dane in my boat and never on this river. Ruben says we’ll be fine and to follow his lead. We end up getting separated due to an error in communication at the first fork in the river, about 500 yards from where we start. Ruben and his wife go the way you’re supposed to go, and Becca and I go through the Rapids of death.

We start to go into the rapids and Emma starts FREAKING out, she starts rocking the boat. we hit a giant rock and flip. Keep in mind this is all happening within 5 minutes of leaving the land. I climb on top of a rock and look around. Becca is being swept away and Emma is trapped under the canoe. I use hulk strength and flip the canoe when it hits the rock. I swear to god Emma looked like a gecko running on water. At this point Becca emerges from what I thought was her watery grave and goes after Emma. I dive in after the canoe which at this point is 100 yards down the river. In a nut shell, all three of us are bleeding, and freezing. Somehow Becca managed to grab both paddles and a 120 LB dog. We ended up completing the trip without flipping again, but we were freezing the entire time and Emma was restless. It was a good trip overall! we ended up remeeting with ruben and went cliff jumping, and we saw this really bizarre Canoe wedding later in the day.


safety tips:
Rivers in AR


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