Styx Concert

This a little bit of a change of pace, but thats totally cool. The adventure started in a staff meeting about 2 weeks ago. I’m and RA in Critz/Hughes/Tucker and we pretty much get nothing done in our staff meetings and at this one we were all talking about our weekend plans. My boss mentioned a Styx concert in Hot Springs. I was pretty much like “hold the phone!” Ty proceeds to tell us about a free Styx concert/Hot air balloon festival in Hot Springs. I had to go for a couple of reasons them being:
 I am not a huge classic music fan, but I love Styx. They played at my parents Jr. Prom before they were signed so they were on that list of top 10 bands to see.

It was Free

Its an Adventure!

So I tell some buddies about it, my best friend who loves classic music (and lives 150 miles away in the oppposite direction) tells me he literally just sold his car and he has no way to get to russellville. Its Wednesday night and I tell him I’ll come pick him up if he skips work friday and saturday! The concert is on friday and we can hangout! he says yes. I tell him I’ll do it if he pays for half the gas and gives me 2 dozen eggs (he has chickens). Next thing you know its 2 am and I’m asleep on his couch in mountain home. We leave the next morning and we have an awesome time. Friday afternoon we get the Possy together and head to Hot Springs.

The Hot air balloons got canceled because the weather, which was shit! but we were there for styx, and they were absolutely amazing. Only about half of the original members were still there but it was a once in a life time situation and I’m really glad I went. I got to go with my bestfriend and re-connect with another bestfriend I haven’t really gotten along with for 2 years. Styx heals all! but they didn’t play mr. roboto… which is kind of dissapointed but I’ll take it! also something I didn’t know, old people get super drunk and super agressive, SUPER easily. 
1. We almost saw a fight
2. A fifty year old woman hit on my friend boyd and offered him scotch
3. Some lady threatened to burn me with a ciggarette.

Overall, last minute trips are the best, always take chances even if its just an hour and a half drive.


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