SUMMER 2012 Part 8: California (continued)

We stayed a total of 3 days in california, and during our time there we did and saw a lot of cool stuff. We Rip-sticked at Longbeach and I got to go into the pacific ocean for the first time in my life, it was freezing. I only jumped in for like a milli-second, but it was totally worth it. We went shopping all down the main street of hollywood. I got a vest and we went to multiple surplus stores. During this time we even saw a movie premiere going on, we didn’t go see it, but it was cool to see Vince Vaughn walk by. I know, you’re thinking “its Vince Vaughn, who gives a shit?” WELL I DO, not really, Vince Vaughn is kind of subpar, but I bet you haven’t seen Vince Vaughn! The coolest part of the premiere, was the fact that you have people dressed up in costumes walking around getting pictures with people. We saw Master Chief, Optimus Prime, Darth Vader, and even talked to Batman.
thomas with his hero

All in all, Hollywood was pretty cool. We ended up leaving 3 days later when I got terribly ill. Thomas drove 16 hours straight, it was pretty kickass. By the time we got home we both crashed. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken in my life, and I hope to do one similar to it one day now that I’m 21 and can actually do more…
Premeires info:
Tips on driving long distances:


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