SUMMER 2012 part 7: California


We left Las Vegas that morning and got back on the road. We were finally headed to Las Angeles. This would be pretty much the only time we weren’t living out of the car. Thomas’s mom’s ex-husband is a stunt coordinator in Hollywood. He has coordinated the stunts on some of the xmen movies and we got to stay with him. His roommate was had the same job, and had done Animal House and the original Blues Brothers movie. They were both really cool and they told us all about the stunt business. They paid us 60 bucks to move a bunch of his stunt equipment right when we got there, and he showed us how a lot of it worked. This would be our homebase for the 3 days we spent in LA. The first day we helped him move the stuff then went into hollywood. It was around 8 pm so most of the shops were closed but we walked around a lot and it was cool to see all the hollywood stars. I’ll talk more about Hollywood tomorrow though!

List of Hollywood Stars:

Interested in Stunt work?:


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