SUMMER 2012 Part 6: VIVA Las Vegas (continued)

OK! So Thomas and I are exploring Las Vegas, we go around in a bunch of cool shops when it hits us… PAWN STARS is in Las Vegas. Now I don’t really watch reality TV, because I think its kind of stupid. BUT we know theirs a bunch of cool shit at the PAWN STARS shop, so we’re like “HELL YEAH! LETS GO”

We drive for about 20 minutes and find the place and the line is at least 60 people long. This isn’t a saturday, its a tuesday morning. We thought people worked, so we would get in right away, but apparently people don’t work in Las Vegas. We wait in line for an hour. The entire time this extremely attractive girl from Massachusetts is talking to us, but her overbearing brother is right there so its pretty much unbearable (see what I did there?). Its 110 degrees outside and after the first 50 people get in were in the misters. The anticipation is awesome, “‘we are gunna get to go inside the shop and see all the cool shit we can’t afford” we FINALLY get in, and the disappointment began.
1. The store was small as hell
2. Half the store, LITERALLY Half the store was dedicated to shirts with Chumley’s face on it.
3. looking at cool stuff you’ve already seen on TV isn’t that impressive
4. Every character from the show was on vacation.

Overall if you go to Las Vegas, go ahead and avoid the shop unless you’re going balls to the wall. its not a worthy for “shits and giggles” pit stop.

History show website:
How to be on Pawnstars:

Thomas and I taking a picture with the life size cutout of the cast:


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