Summer 2012 Part 5: VIVA Las Vegas

We left the Grand Canyon and headed straight to Las Vegas. Its not that far of a drive but by the time we got there it was around 11 PM. I understand when you think of Las Vegas you think of Gambling, Cocaine, and Prostitutes; but in its own weird way its pretty beautiful. We could see the city from miles away. It lit up the entire sky. We got there and I had and never seen anything like it. The city glows and its the only city I’ve ever been to that’s awake all night. We parked the car and were roaming the streets by 11:30 and that was the other weird thing, it was 100 degrees outside. The place was awesome. We were super pumped to go to a casino and start gambling.

We walked around for a while, saw some wild street performers and even got to see the frank Sinatra water show. By the time we got inside the first Casino the bad news dawned on us… we were 19 and 20, Las Vegas is apparently the only city in America (probably untrue) where you must be 21 to gamble. We were pissed. We walked around for a while and finally cracked and got a shitty hotel. The next morning was better! We went to the Heart Attack Grill, which is a restaurant known worldwide for having the most unhealthy burgers. Apparently if you weigh over 350 pounds they will give you a free burger every day. We were also told that an average of 7 people die there every year. Its pretty screwed up, but the food was awesome.

TOMORROW! I’ll tell you about our PawnStars visit



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