Summer 2012 Part 4: THE GRAND CANYON

So we left the least exciting part of our trip and headed towards potentially the coolest part of our trip! the GRAND CANYON! Crossing Arizona was awesome, it was everything movies had conditioned me to believe it would be. Sand everywhere, cliffs everywhere, only one thing didn’t live up to my expectations… there were no damn cacti… cacti is the plural form of cactus. Apparently thats deep deep southern Arizona and we didn’t head that way so we missed it. We get to the Grand Canyon and we’re charged 20 bucks a piece to get it, which was totally worth it. Its AMAZING. one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve always heard that “you can’t describe the grand canyon its too big and breathtaking to describe” and its pretty much true. We drove around for a bit taking it all in and get to main touristy area. We are taken away by the beauty but we realize we want to see more. So I suggest to Tom “Lets jump the fence.” We’re both stupid, so naturally we do it! we jump the little fence and walk down to the cliffs. No one really notices and its awesome. I spit into the canyon with no rail blocking me and it takes forever to hit the ground. Eventually we start throwing rocks into the canyon and some old woman yelled at us. We thought she was yelling at us for jumping the rail but apparently she was yelling at us for throwing rocks… which is kind of stupid because the canyon is all rocks. Regardless it was a blast. We visited all the major hot spots and walked down some of the trails. We got super close to some of the local critters. We left that night but I wish we would have spent the night.

National Park Website:


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