Summer 2012 part 3: four-corners

So we left the rockies and made our way into denver. After a visit to two shady guys we knew in highschool we made our way across colorado. It was a pretty awesome drive. We went through south park which ironically was nothing like the town in the tv show and ended up spending the night in some random camp ground in southern colorado. Its really easy to do that for free if you pull in after midnight and leave before 9 am the next morning. Eventually we made our way to four-corners. 

Four-Corners is the one point in the united states where you can stand in four states: Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah all at once. It sounds pretty cool but it turned out to be pretty disappointing. you get there and wait in a line of cars. By the time you get into the area you are charged 3 dollars per person. This charge sounds like nothing but I would have rather spent the money on a coke. Basically you get there and it looks like something from a Griswold vacation. Tons of families taking pictures of something that’s pretty boring. Thomas is an impatient person and I had to do everything to keep him from taking off as soon as we got in line for the actual spectacle. As you can see from his picture below, he was very pissed off. A word of advice for future travelers avoid the 4 corners.

Guide to Four-Corners:
tips for Four-Corners


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