Sorry for the distance between this post and my last one, I have been busy! and am not used to blogging!

After driving across the unforgivable Kansas and making a stop to trek out to a giant windmill we entered colorado. It was probably 5 am and we had been driving for just over 12 hours and we were pumped! This was my first time in colorado and its one of those things thats almost undescribable, it is easily the most beautiful state I’ve ever been in. We reached Denver and immediately headed to the Rockies. We reached the state park at around 6 am, and after much discussion of where we’d sleep we decided to sleep in the car outside of a wilderness store. After a very uncomfortable night we woke up at around 11 am and decided we’d hike a mountain.

Now keep in mind when I talk about this neither Thomas or I had ever hiked a mountain and the air in Colorado was very thin. We drove into the park and paid the 20 dollar fee, and our breaths were taken away. every direction you turned was a different Mountain and each one was bigger then the next. We ended up driving around a long time. We finally got out of the car and decided we’d just choose one! For some reason we both thought we’d get attacked by bears or deer or something because we both had a large hiking bag on full of gear. The particular mountain we hiked up was called Mt. Ida. We didn’t know at the time but it’s the biggest Mountain in the area that has a thumbs up from the park. It was 4.7 miles up. Halfway up we began to notice Extremely old people passing us, and Thomas started getting sick. Neither of us were in shape and the hike kicked our ass. It took us 2 and a half hours to get up the mountain. By the time we reached the top we were out of water and it became apparent that we had forgotten food with the exception of two cans of Tuna. Thomas refused to touch the tuna but thats ok, because I devoured it greedily. The sight was gorgeous but Thomas looked like he was dying and I wasn’t far from that. We made it down the mountain in half an hour but we would have spouts of sickness for the rest of the trip. If you ever go hiking mountains, bring water and granola bars. start with something small. Only bring a backpack if you need one because our backs hurt like a bitch for a good chunk of the trip.
After a hearty meal we were back on the road to see the rest of colorado.
Thomas And I being dead.

National Park Homepage:
Hiking tips:


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