Summer 2012: Road to California part 1

If I remember correctly it was late May of 2012; I had just finished my freshmen year of college and had returned to my job as a recreation worker at my town’s local youth center. I love kids but all in all the job was incredibly boring. I was sitting in the gym using my hidden phone to text friends when I got a text from my buddy thomas that just said “Dude, lets go to the grand canyon.” This was before I had caught the travel bug and I thought he was joking. In turn I jokingly responded “totally” and didn’t think about it again for a couple days. Thomas has been one of my best friends since childhood so I would never go more then 3 days without seeing him. When the weekend came around and I went to his house he asked me when I thought we should leave. I told him the idea was ridiculous, but after a little bit of coaxing he had me convinced.

My only condition for the trip was we would go all the way to california and hit multiple stops. After a little bit of planning we realized we wanted the trip to be as cheap and fun as possible. We set our exit date for late july and patiently waited for our summer jobs to be over. As July 19th came around I quit my job, packed my bags and headed to Toms. He would be the one driving. We had two rules,: only one meal out a day and no turning back. The second rule Bit us in the ass when we realized we had forgotten our tent about 40 minutes out of Mountain Home, but we had no regrets. We would sleep in Thomas’s Car the entire Trip. First Stop The Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado.


Its a really enlightening experience being out on your own for the first time. Even if it is just you and your bestfriend on your first road trip. I would highly reccomend it.


Join me next time for part 2!

How to get through the boring drive across Kansas:
How to avoid Driver Fatigue:


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